About Us

CanvasLiving is an Indonesian label that produces artsy lifestyle goods.

This label is initiated by Herry and Sally in 2006. They started small and humble. It was through Canvas Living that they both poured out their shared love for print making art.

For nearly a year, they did research and study on canvas, screen printing and pattern making. Finally, the first batch of CanvasLiving prototypes were completed. The warm welcome and response from the market helped Canvas Living to grow and expand as a craft industry.

The concept behind the brand is based on the idea of apllying art into everyday lifestyle goods. Sally makes all the drawings and patterns, she wanted them to be simple yet timeless. One unique character of the label is the hand printed patterns on canvas fabric. They use the traditional screen printing technique to maintain that personal feel of ink on the textures of canvas.

The A to Z of manufacture is done in their own workshop in Jakarta to ensure crisp quality and detail. All materials are sourced and made locally with the help of local crafters. Canvas Living hopes to create products that will bring joy and inspiration to people all around the world.


About the founders

Herry was raised in the beautiful and serene mountainery town of Malang while Sally was born in the metropolis Jakarta. They have contrasting backgrounds, however they share the same dream and vision. Together they are fascinated by culture and nature that have shaped the humanity. Herry and Sally live between Malang and Jakarta with their happy-go-lucky son Hans. They are excited to deliver Canvas Living to the world, and hope that everyone enjoys their art.